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OBLIQUE is a Moisture wear brand that layers beauty through "wearing".

Our Moisture-wear fabric is made of a special fiber called Cell Solution®︎

This material releases vitamin E when it comes in contact with the skin.

The skin’s friction against the fabric releases vitamin E semi-permanently.

The benefits of vitamin E include moisturizing effects that protect the skin

from dryness and keep it moisturized, as well as the ability to prevent stains

from UV rays and sunburn.

It can also be used to prevent spots and freckles caused by ultraviolet rays and sunburn.


Just by wearing OBLIQUE, as a daily skincare routine you will keep your skin healthy and beautiful.


OBLIQUE is the brand that makes you feel more beautiful inside and out with every garment you wear.” 

Moisture-wear Mechanism 

German Innovation Award 2010.png

Awarded the German Invention Prize
International Patented Special Fiber "Cell Solution

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Skin Penetration

OBLIQUE fabric releases vitamin E, which is kneaded into the fibers, through friction when it comes into contact with the body temperature of human skin (over 36 degrees Celsius).
Vitamin E, which is kneaded into the fiber, is released.

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Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an ingredient that has attracted much attention in the beauty industry in recent years. It is said to have many beneficial effects on the skin, including an antioxidant effect.
It is said to have many beneficial effects on the skin.

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Main Benefits

・Keeps the skin flexible

・Protects the skin

・Gives skin luster

・Improves skin tone and texture

・Maintain healthy skin

・Prevents skin irritation

・Moisturizes the skin



Environmental considerations

The main raw material is wood pulp taken from non-endangered trees that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

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Fabric safety

These are Oeko-Tex®︎ Standard class 1 certified, safe and secure textile products that even infants can touch.


Washing durability

Even after 100 washes at 60 degrees, about half of the vitamin E was found.
*Certificate from Hohenstein Institute.



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Coming Soon. 2024 January

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